How We Work

Lifanov Consulting is Searching for the Next Generation of Entrepreneurs Who Will Change the Way We Live.

Do you believe in your idea? If you do, a partnership with Lifanov Consulting can reduce your time and investment to launch by up
to 75%. We do this in exchange for equity and skin in the game on your part to help defray some of the hard costs.
Look at it this way – with or without us – it’s going to take money to launch your business. Working with us will take a lot less capital and you will get so much more by bringing us in as a minority partner. 

We provide you mentoring and create a well-positioned business for you.

We do this by leveraging over 200 years of collective team experience, who has helped hundreds of brilliant entrepreneurs find their purpose and create their legacy. He has generated billions in value for his strategic consulting clients. As an Lifanov Consulting partner, you have the unique opportunity to work with him on YOUR business.

We can build you the best race car in the world, but ultimately, you're going to be the one driving it.

How empowering is that? You want to be in the driver's seat! If you think you are just going to sit around and let someone else make you successful, entrepreneurship is not for you.

A partnership with Lifanov Consulting is designed to be a launching pad, not the finish line.

At the end of the day, nobody can make you successful. Success is up to you. Half of our challenge is finding compelling new ideas, but the other half is finding people we want to bet on. Would you make a good partner? Will you do what needs to be done when we hand you the keys? Can we count on you?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • A recognition that you are about to become part of a team that will completely change your odds.
  • An ability and willingness to invest in yourself – even though working together will result in your costs being dramatically reduced compared to going it alone, being an entrepreneur takes money. If you want us to believe in you, you need to believe in yourself.
  • A grant of an option to us for a minority share of your new company after you launch. This option helps us provide for free almost all the underlying deliverables required to go from thought to launch.
  • A unique idea that has real potential to capture significant market share
  • A burning desire to get your idea to market, with or without us
  • A drive to be legendary
  • An Entrepreneurial attitude that is consistent with the culture of our company

Despite the extreme rarity of your idea being taken by anyone else when sharing it with professionals that will help you get market, we understand it’s still a concern for some people. We treat that concern seriously, and our Confidentiality Agreement is automatically activated on your behalf at the moment you submit any information to us.

You should be aware that we review hundreds of applications monthly. While we can’t guarantee that we will accept your project, we do guarantee that everything you submit to us is, and always will be, treated confidentially.

Because that hardly ever happens. Think about it… the huge multinational companies out there that would have the wherewithal to license a product are not even going to look at anything that doesn’t already have significant traction. Getting a patent in the very beginning is mostly a foolish endeavor because it is very unlikely that you will have patented something that is actually manufacturable simply based on your concept.

Any company that promises you a patent and a licensing deal is just telling you what you want to hear and will only take your money. You may be able to get a licensing deal, but only after your product has been extensively researched, perfectly positioned and professionally engineered and designed. We work through every project with the ultimate goal of getting to market. If intervening forces facilitate a licensing opportunity near the end of that process we will be well equipped to discuss the possibilities with a well defined product and differentiated market position that should be viewed as attractive by the right party.

If we accept you and your project, you not only will get a team like you’d never be able to put together, we will actually have almost all of the work that needs to be done built out by our team – for free! The only requirement from you is the one time initial consulting payment and then we take care of everything. Why do we do it? When we undertake to do all the work to build your product/app/business we know that it will be done right and, therefore, we can reduce many of the failure points that a solo entrepreneur will encounter. However, we also train you to be a knowledgeable entrepreneur so that when we are ready to launch, you are ready to take over. So, to be clear, you will NOT be obligated to do anything other than prepare to take over after launch, using the training we will give you. BUT, we also welcome entrepreneurs that do want to roll up their sleeves and get into the trenches with us.

On average, it can take $500,000 to $1,000,000 and a few years to do an even moderate product launch, even if you get everything right. When we choose to partner with you, we typically cut up to 75% or more of the time and capital that it would take you to launch, and we do all the work to build your company and your product/app expertly, using over 200 years of experience to your unfair advantage. But even designing the perfect product isn’t enough. If you could do it alone, then how would you go to market after you were ready? Ideapros has a network of professional organizations that have teamed up with us to help facilitate market strategies so we can work together to launch in the right way. If we are working with you, you’ve just increased your odds dramatically while having a strategic advisor that will be by your side the entire way.

First of all, we will not agree to become your partner after launch unless you have proven to us that you are a truly dedicated entrepreneur who has learned a lot from us and is ready to execute successfully. Then we’re all in! And you will own the majority of everything – we typically take a minority position that you’ll find extremely valuable in years to come if you begin growth that only real experience can help you manage. For an entrepreneur that isn’t interested in becoming launch partners, we may consider working completely as a service provider but, in that case, our consulting fees alone would likely be hundreds of thousands of dollars, not to mention the hard costs you’d be required to pay for. If we exercise our option, you will always be the majority owner and you’ll be able to dictate how the company is run – although we’re there to give you advice every step of the way after we launch.

On a quarterly basis, we will both review the operations of the company and agree to distribute, or retain, excess profits on an equity basis.

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